Essential tools for the Network Admin

Being a network admin is tough – if something does not work or an app is slow, the clichéd comment that comes up first is “It’s the network!”. To prove it’s not or to find the actual cause, you need the right set of tools along with your experience. So, here is a list of essential tools for the network admin compiled by Tom’s IT Pro.,5-42.html

And did you notice the first tool in the list? It’s our very own ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer. Like the author stated, NetFlow Analyzer is a comprehensive tool for bandwidth monitoring, traffic analytics and network anomaly detection. In addition to this, NetFlow Analyzer can help with validating QoS policies, verify SLA’s leveraging on Cisco IPSLA, do DPI using Cisco NBAR, report on voice and video traffic performance using Cisco Medianet and show you WAN optimization reports with Cisco WAAS reporting.

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