Desktop Central integrates with Apple Configurator

Desktop Central has taken Mobile Device Management a step forward by supporting Apple configurator for iOS. This feature requires devices to be connected to a USB dock that lets IT administrator perform tasks like configuring device settings, assigning devices to users, installing apps, and updating iOS.

Organizations can take advantage of this feature to ensure that devices are MDM configured. Apple configurator helps in deploying a base configuration in bulk on iPads and other iOS devices.

The configurator with Desktop Central is especially effective in situations wherein an organization needs to deploy identical devices to many users with same set of base configuration. For example, supplying pre-configured devices, handing over devices for short-term usage with some base configuration to the students of a school, contractors of a company, participants in an online examination, doctors on shift in a hospital, guests in a hotel, etc.

The configurator will also prove to be highly useful in secanarios where there is a need to get back the devices to original configuration after the short-term usage. For instance, in schools before assigning devices to students, the devices have to be updated with the relevant content. By syncing the text content to the group of devices at one-go, it makes the job of IT administrators very easy. It also lets IT administrators streamline and manage devices from a central location.

In addition, Desktop Central helps in performing a lot of other actions related to mobile device management that include:

·      Mobile Asset management

·      App lock to only run a single application

·      Out-of-the-box reports on Apps by Devices, Devices by Model, etc.

·      Black listing and White listing of apps

·      And much more

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