Cisco IP SLA VO reporting in NetFlow Analyzer

Adoption of video-based applications is rising on the network in addition to VoIP and data, which makes the IT network administrator’s task more complex. It is required to assure high end to end performance despite having this overhead.

Video packets are heavy in nature with high flow rates, which impact the network heavily. Before deploying video traffic on the network, the network should be assessed for performance parameters due to the impact of video.

Cisco IP SLA – Video Operations(IP SLA VO) acts as a stress tester on the network. One can validate the effect of rich media applications on the performance of other applications on the network. This helps a great way in ensuring that the network can handle video traffic smoothly and effectively. To know more about Cisco IP SLA VO, click here.

With the latest version NetFlow Analyzer 9.7 Build 9700, Administrators can create IP SLA VO monitor and measure performance metrics like:

  • Maximum positive jitter
  • Minimum positive jitter
  • Average positive jitter
  • Maximum negative jitter
  • Minimum negative jitter
  • Average negative jitter
  • Average of positive and negative jitter
  • Inter arrival jitter at source and destination
  • Latency: Maximum, minimum and average
  • Packet information:- Number of delayed packets, number of packets skipped, number of packets out of the sequence and the number of packets lost.

Prerequisites for Cisco IP SLA video operations:

The Prerequisites to configure IP SLA VO operations are:

  • Both the source and responder devices for the IP SLAs video operation must be capable of providing platform-assisted video traffic generation and reflection.
  • Time synchronization, such as that provided by Network Time Protocol (NTP), is required between the source and the responder device in order to provide accurate one-way delay (latency) measurements.

Configuring IP SLA VO monitor in NetFlow Analyzer:

To configure Cisco IP SLA VO monitor in NetFlow Analyzer, click IP SLA Tab and select Switch To → Video.

On the Add Monitor, specify the monitor name , select the Source Router, Source Interface and sepcify the Source port. On the Destination IP you should provide the destination router on IP SLA responder is enabled.

The Call setting helps you to specify the parameters like Threshold port, Profile Name(IPTV, Telepresence and IPVSC), Polling para like (Frequency and timeout)

Cisco IP SLA VO in NetFlow Analyzer:-

After creating a Cisco IP SLA VO monitor in  NetFlow Analyzer, the next steps is report generation. Following are the screen shots shows reports generated by NetFlow Analyzer for IP SLA VO module

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