Are your IT polices strong enough to protect the data from thefts?

Have you ever heard of a saying “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in the battlefield”.  What is it has to do with IT? IT security is facing turbulence time, especially when it comes to cases such as thefts, hacks, malware, etc. Threat can be in any form but you have to build a strong wall (IT polices) that can protect data from security violations.

Unfortunately for IT, 2013 started on a bitter note, on January 9th a password-protected laptop computer containing Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital medical information on pediatric patients was stolen from a physician’s car, which contained information of 57000 patients. As cited in Lucile Packard hospital website

This is one such case, but these kind of events are a continuous chain, which started  from early years of technology. It is not going to stop, in fact as the demand for the technology raises, so do threat. What will you do? Unfortunately, you are not a Nostradamus to predict the future. The best you can do is, to count on your experience and emphasize on building a stronger IT security protection policy. Below are the two such important steps:

Create a stronger password policy:

We have seen everywhere and listened to it so many times, but still the complex password implementation is not 100%. The stronger you construct a password policy, the better it defends from hacks. I guess repeating a good point should not be a pain “to protect data from thefts, build a stronger password policy”.

Storage Encryption:

Enable encryption mode to protect the data in hardware. This mechanism can act as a solid vault for your data in the event the computer is lost or stolen.  Bit locker drive encryption is one such example for windows that can shield the data from any hack. This feature can help you to protect device hardware from offline attack.

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