Applications Manager Takes Over Internal Monitoring at Bridge2 Solutions


​Christopher DiLorenzo, head of IT infrastructure at Bridge2 Solutions, tells us how Applications Manager ​helped fill the gap in collecting performance metrics that were being ignored by the company’s ​previous monitoring tool. Based out of Alpharetta, Georgia, ​Bridge2 Solutions is a leading provider of marketing solutions platform that provides innovative marketing and fulfillment solutions to leading financial institutions, loyalty programs, and Fortune 500 companies. “Basically, what we sell is a web application,” explains Chris.

Bridge2 Solutions’s partners place a high priority ​on SLAs such as response times and page load times. “There’s been a big push lately on response times,” says Chris. That push isn’t surprising given the increasingly large number of users who now access even business applications from their mobile devices, which have limited processing speed. Meeting those response time SLAs​ entails constant monitoring of each individual server for response times.

Applications Manager, with its provision for setting custom thresholds for alarms, allows Bridge2 Solutions to​ track SLAs such as response times without breaking a sweat. The new ManageEngine solution represents a definite improvement over the company’s previous solution, which lacked the ability to report the metrics that Bridge2 Solutions needed.

The biggest plus of bringing in Applications Manager, according to Chris, has been the ​non-disruptive way in which the company was able to deploy Applications Manager in their environment. ”We were able to really transition from our previous solution to Applications Manager within maybe a month or two, but it was very quick,” he says. Chris joins the ever-growing club of our customers who are big fans of Applications Manager’s easy set up and even easier-to-use UI.

Chris and his team had ​server performance data at their disposal w​ithin just a day [of installing Applications Manager].” And in no time, Applications Manager started churning out trend reports, ​which helped them with analytics for key decisions, such as deploying more complex internal services.

And the transition to Applications Manager couldn’t have been any smoother.

“We needed something that we could setup fairly quickly and get the response time numbers that we needed for analysis, and to make sure everything was working like it should. With ManageEngine, we really set that up within a day or so, at least start collecting some data… That was the biggest thing we were looking for out of [Applications Manager].”

But according to Chris, monitoring application performance trends plays a large role in how Bridge2 Solutions uses Applications Manager​.

“The big thing we use it for is to do ‘trending’ after [an internal] software deployment to see, has performance gotten better or worse. We have a lot of internal services that we call, so a lot of times we deploy an internal service, and we’ll see performance change… And we use ManageEngine to detect those changes​.”

We know our customers value attention to detail. It makes a difference. So that’s another win for Applications Manager and another happy customer!

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