AppFlow Configuration on Citrix Netscaler Device

Enterprise Devices like Citrix
Netscaler, Sonicwall are started supporting AppFlow export. What this
AppFlow export really means?


AppFlow is a new flow export standard
for finding data pertaining to applications & transactions in the
network infrastructure. It gives greater visibility to Application
traffic utilization and performance.

AppFlow addresses the following
requirements of Application Performance Management:

  • No need for Costly equipment for
    Application Optimization.

  • Standard flow export

AppFlow Design:-

The AppFlow exported from a device has
2 parts:

  • TCP based network Information

  • Application Layer data

To know more about AppFlow, click here.

Are you using Netscaler device in your
environment ? And eager to see the benefits of AppFlow reporting in
ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer, then you are on right place, here on
this blog you can find AppFlow configuration on Netscaler Device.

AppFlow Export on the Netscaler device
can be configured in 2 ways, GUI and CLI. The blog contains both
configuration methodology.

AppFlow Configuration on Netscaler:

The configuration
of AppFlow on the Citrix Netscaler contains following secitions:

  1. AppFlow
    Feature Enabling

  2. AppFlow

  3. Adding
    AppFlow Collector

  4. Creating
    AppFlow Action

  5. Creating
    AppFlow Policies

  6. Appending the
    Policy created Globally or individual Virtual Servers.

GUI Configuration:-

AppFlow Feature Enabling:

To Enable AppFlow
feature on the Netscaler device through GUI.

to System


Configure Advances Features


AppFlow Settings:

In this section, we can define which
information has to be exported to ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer.

Click System 
AppFlow  Change AppFlow Settings

Adding AppFlow Collector:

Here we need to specify external
collector details. Navigate to System 
AppFlow  Collectors 

Creating AppFlow Action :

to System




Creating AppFlow Policies:

Click System 
AppFlow  Policies 

Appending policy created:

The policy created need to appended
globally or to individual server for data collection. For this System
 AppFlow 
AppFlow policy manager.

CLI based Configuration:-

We need to apply
set of commands on CLI configuration wizard to enable AppFlow on the


enable feature AppFlow

Netscaler# set
appflow param -httpUrl ENABLED -httpReferer ENABLED -httpMethod
ENABLED -httpHost ENABLED -httpUserAgent ENABLED -clientTrafficOnly

Netscaler# add
appflow collector “NetFlow Analyzer” –IPAddress –
port 9996

Netscaler# add
appflow action af_act_netflowanalyzer -collectors “NetFlow

Netscaler# add
appflow policy af_pol_log-all true af_act_NetFlowAnalyzer

Netscaler# bind
system global -policyName af_pol_log-all -priority 100

AppFlow Reporting in NetFlow Analyzer :-

Screenshots below explains the reports that you can extract from AppFlow records in NetFlow Analyzer.

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