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Juggling between help desk and desktop management tools and pacing the length and breadth of your organization to troubleshoot could soon be a thing of the past! Because the latest add-on tool from ServiceDesk Plus will enable you to schedule planned maintenance tasks from a central location. Here’s a snapshot of the tools and the advantages they bring you.


Remote Control: With the advanced remote control tool, you can access any computer remotely. In just a single click, you can access desktops and transfer files between them. You can install .exe files to test applications on multiple user systems, saving time and effort.


Session Recording: You can monitor trouble shooting activities to ensure data security and compliance by using the session recording tool. 


Chat: The chat tool helps you collaborate better and communicate effectively.


Remote Shutdown: Using the remote shutdown tool, you can shut down inactive systems, saving power and costs.


Announcement: The announcement tool helps you communicate important information to specific users. When you float a message as an announcement, only the relevant users are updated with the information.


So, what are you waiting for? Make all the running around history; experience the tool and control your systems better from a central location!


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