ADManager Plus: How to Modify Exchange’s Outgoing Mail Attachment Size

The project is tight. Time is of the essence. Reports must be completed and reviewed by end of day. Sue, the lead on the project, attempts to send an email only to receive an error message indicating that her attachment is too large. The issue is not just with Sue. Every member of the team will be sending emails with attachments that are much larger than Sue’s.  A call is made to IT, with urgency and panic.

What will you do if you are in IT? There are over 50 people working on the project. There is no time to consider a script or to download freeware that will complete your task. And you don’t have time to manually change the outgoing email attachment size on 50 users.

Me? I would just go to ADManager Plus, select my users, and increase their outgoing email attachment size. That might sound too easy, but look at Figure 1 and see just how easy it is.

Figure 1. ADManager Plus has the ability to increase attachment size in sent messages on the fly.

After selecting the correct size of the maximum size attachment the team needs to send, you then move on to select the users that need this new, temporary-yet-immediate attachment size configuration. You, of course, do this in bulk, so you don’t waste time selecting each user one by one to make the modification.

Not many things are faster and more efficient. ADManager Plus not only allows for this configuration but many others related to Exchange configurations.

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