​Desktop Central Supports Samsung KNOX and Makes Enterprise Devices More Secure


Samsung KNOX empowers enterprises to  build, customize, and remotely manage a Fort Knox that fortifies corporate data with multi-level protection. Now, your corporate data can be just as safe as the US gold reserve.

When you install Samsung Knox on your mobile device, you can rest assured that your corporate data is secure. Samsung Knox ensures that only authorized personnel can access the corporate data. It uses three layers of security such as platform, application, and mobile device management.

Simply put, Samsung Knox provides a container within which an employee’s corporate data is securely stored, much like the Fort Knox gold reserve. To access one’s personal data, the employee  simply needs to exit the container. KNOX remains blind to what is done outside the container, but on the inside, it remains an all-seeing eye and provides  complete autonomy for the IT to perform device management operations.

When IT teams partner with Desktop Central MDM, they can manage, monitor, and control KNOX capability to hundreds of Samsung devices that a company’s employees use. And, all this without compromising on data security and user privacy.

But what if an employee leaves the organisation? Or say, loses the mobile device?  In such cases, the IT administrators initiate a series of commands through Desktop Central  and erase all the information from the container. Does this sound interesting to you?  Come learn more about  KNOX for Enterprise here.


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