​Desktop Central Supports Kiosk Mode for Samsung Devices


Today, we increasingly depend on technology, especially mobile technology, to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. Mobile devices are transforming the way we do business; we use them extensively for financial transactions, health care, and consumer shopping. Understanding this trend, Samsung continues to introduce enterprise-friendly features for its mobile devices, transforming the legacy workplace into a highly sophisticated technological ecosystem. The Kiosk mode is one such feature that is sure to transform the workplace.

Advantages of Using Kiosk Mode

Traditionally, companies rely on small-form factor PCs to bring the digital touchscreen kiosk experience to life. With mobile devices replacing desktops for general computing tasks, it’s rather natural to see them making inroads as kiosks, even in the retail arena.

In Kiosk mode, the Samsung SAFE device will run only the company-defined app or user interface. All other hardware and software applications are disabled. The result is a hassle-free user experience. Various industry verticals use the Kiosk mode for their specific needs, such as monitoring a patient’s health report in the health care vertical, displaying relevant magazines and articles in the hospitality industry, and presenting financial transactions in the retail industry.

Desktop Central and Kiosk Mode

Desktop Central’s mobile device management support for the Samsung Kiosk mode helps companies by providing better methods for accessing information and managing user activity. Some of the important support features offered by the Desktop Central and Kiosk mode combination ​​are as follows.

Access only the permitted app(s) at a time

The device can be locked to display only a single, selected app (or selected apps, if desired).


You can customize the device screen to display the company’s logo.

Restrict user activity 

You can limit access to App settings or access the default launcher to prevent any unnecessary user actions.

Status bar

The status bar can be made blank so that status information and other notifications are hidden.

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