XRoads Networks Introduces WEBaXcel™ With Advanced Web Filtering and Link Bonding Technologies

IRVINE, CA–(Marketwired – May 8, 2013) – XRoads Networks, a leading provider of unified bandwidth management platforms, today announced a unique innovation to its EdgeXOS product line. The WEBaXcel network appliance is the only solution on the market that incorporates XRoads Networks’ unique broadband bonding technology with an enterprise class, cloud-enabled web filtering solution from Webroot, a leader in cloud-based security intelligence solutions. The WEBaXcel’s bandwidth bonding capability actually combines the speed of multiple ISP connections in order to accelerate web download speeds and improve overall network performance and reliability.

The innovative WebaXcel appliance integrates Webroot’s extensive web filtering database to provide web threat protection and content filtering. The database includes 83+ key website categories to help the WEBaXcel appliance protect against online threats by offering customers better visibility and management of their Internet usage. In addition, the Webroot IP Reputation service helps the WEBaXcel product protect users by identifying numerous IP threat types, such as botnets, scanners and Windows exploits and their sources. When combined, these capabilities make the WEBaXcel appliance the best option for customers looking to accelerate web connectivity and provide web threat protection for their end-users.

The WEBaXcel’s acceleration is performed through a combination of caching techniques and XRoads Networks’ Multi-Session Acceleration link bonding technology, which enables the WEBaXcel appliance to combine two or more ISP connections, such as 5Mbps and 3Mbps connections, to achieve web download speeds of up to 8Mbps.

“No other web filtering solution on the market has this functionality,” Vice President of Business Development. “While there are a number of other web filtering solutions on the market, none have the ability to combine next generation cloud-enabled web filtering with XRoads’ applied patent link bonding capabilities. For customers that are looking for the fastest web filtering and download capabilities with automated link redundancy and session splitting, the WEBaXcel appliance is the solution.”

XRoads Networks recently deployed its next generation WEBaXcel appliances to customers for testing. As a result of their comprehensive reviews, customers have confirmed accelerated web filtering and threat protection across multiple ISP links along with superior network reliability and automated redundancy.

You Can Learn More About the XRoads Networks’ Product Line By Going to www.LoadBalancerSolutions.com/XRoads

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