XML Converter for Version 6.21 loadbalancer.org appliance

I was tasked last week with creating a long awaited appliance XML updater for Version 6.21 of our appliance which until now has been a matter of offering an upgrade service free of charge to anyone running on Version 6.21 of the loadbalancer.org appliance wishing to upgrade to our latest Version 7.6.2 appliance.

We have been telling you our highly valued users of our loadbalancer.org appliance that this could take some time to complete, this was to allow support time to do the conversions. In reality once we start the conversion process it can take from a few minuites to a few hours depending on its size, number of VIPS, RIPS and SSL Terminations.

I myself did a migration that took me one and a half hours to complete and Ben who I work with here at loadbalancer.org had to complete a mamouth task taking three and a half hours to migrate for a customer whilst under pressure while the user was waiting for an urgent migration which was needed the same day. We aim to please and from what I can tell we do just that and we go the extra mile to ensure we have pleased you!

Well having been tasked with the joy of writing the long awaited migration tool I am happy to say that it is complete now and at RC1 status and publicly available for testing, we still need to verify nothing has been missed during the creation of the converter and this is where you come in! Our users, we encourage you to now upgrade as its quick and easy and quite painless where you run a virtual environment. For the users of a physical loadbalancer you may need to contact support to obtain upgrade images as the appliance will need a new appliance image written to it before you can go live.

So there is now a self service tool available for you all to use to enable a quick and painless upgrade to V7.6.2 which is currently the latest version of our loadbalancer.org appliance and all you need to do is backup your lb_config.xml, rc.firewall, SSL Certificates ensure the Certificates are placed in “/etc/loadbalancer.org/certs” on your new V7.6.2 appliance and import the XML which can be converted here at https://support.loadbalancer.org/ select the XML Converter and upload your V6.21 XML and it is returned either in a webpage or a download depending on your selection ready to import and you are away with a working V7.6.2 appliance.

Its a happy time in the offices around the world! Hours of time saved doing manual migrations with your old XML on one screen and a V7.6.2 appliance WUI on the other, taking your VIPS and adding your RIPS for Layer 4 and Layer7 then looking at your Pound SSL terminations and ensuring every bit of information had been captured interperited and correctly re-input.

What previously took many man hours takes a simple upload and your new XML is there waiting for download and import!


You Can Learn More About the LoadBalancer.org’s Product Line By Going to www.LoadBalancerSolutions.com/LoadBalancer-org

The original article/video can be found at XML Converter for Version 6.21 loadbalancer.org appliance

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