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See all of A10 Networks’ videos at www.a10networks.com A10 Networks, one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley, is headquartered in San Jose, California. A10 Networks solves business problems through the use of cutting-edge networking and security technologies. With the rapid growth of Internet traffic, customers choose A10 to help their applications and networks keep pace. In late 2004, A10 was founded with a mission to make the Internet much faster and more secure. Today, we are being recognized as the industry’s innovator and technology leader. Our advantage is our Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS), which provides a powerful, flexible and scalable platform. We understand that efficiency in the application delivery platform leads to efficiency in the data center. The challenge is not to build a bigger gas tank, it’s to increase the miles per gallon. Not only did we design platforms that are faster and better, but they are also greener. Based on ACOS, our flagship AX Series has three main focus areas: First is Application Delivery and Serving Load Balancing, secondly is IPv6 and IPv6 Migration technologies, and finally solutions for Cloud Computing & Virtualization. The AX Series represents the industry’s first line of 64-bit Application Delivery Controllers, increasing addressable memory for the highest scalability and performance, and maximum headroom for growth. We developed industry leading technologies for our AX Series to solve the IPv4 address

You Can Learn More About the A10 Networks’ Product Line By Going to www.LoadBalancerSolutions.com/A10-Networks

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