Major BIND DNS Vulnerability does NOT affect the XRoads Networks EdgeXOS platform

XRoads Networks confirmed today that it is not effected by the recent security vulnerability (find details here) found in most [tag]BIND DNS server[/tag] implementations.

The EdgeXOS platform does not use BIND, unlike some of our competitors, and thus this vulnerability on its face does not directly impact our ActiveDNS solution.

However because of the severe nature of the issue, our engineering team also confirmed that our own ActiveDNS implementation does not suffer from the problems found in the BIND implementation.

A spoke person at [tag]XRoads Networks[/tag] commented that “Our customers should feel confident that their DNS services, based on our ActiveDNS technology, is secure and not subject to this major BIND vulnerability. For customers looking to find a non-BIND solution for their inbound WAN load balancing requirements, we encourage them to take a look at our product offerings.”

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