Version 3 Final Release Candidate

Hello everybody,

as some of you have noticed already, the Astaro Security Linux Version 3 Final Release Candidate is ready for download!

Most important new key features:

  • PPPoE Client
  • DHCP Server and Client
  • Sophisticated Reporting and Log File handling
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Heavily improved HTTP and SMTP proxies
  • IPSec with X.509 certificates and AES encryption
  • PKI management for the X.509 certificates
  • Surf Protection (URL list with 12 mio entries, optional)
  • High Availability (Hot standby, optional)
  • lots of other nice things

This is a major release for us, and we are more than happy to have it out as we know you guys have been waiting for it to long. You can find further informations on our new website at

Why is it the Final Release Candidate? The manual isn't ready yet, plus we will have an Up2Date option in 2.026 which directly brings you to 3.200*, both will be ready by 2nd week of June. The software will stay exactly the same – its fully tested, all features are in, ready for production use!

What is also important: We changed the licensing a bit, certain features are now available in different editions of Astaro Security Linux, pricing basically stays the same.

ASL Office Edition:

  • 3 Network Interfaces
  • 10 IPSec Tunnels
  • 5 SMTP Proxy Domains

ASL Professional Edition:

  • 7 Network Interfaces
  • 200 IPSec Tunnels
  • 25 SMTP Proxy Domains

ASL Enterprise Edition:

  • 20 Network Interfaces
  • 1000 IPSec Tunnels
  • unl. SMTP Proxy Domains
  • Gigabit NIC support

Private home usage of Astaro Security Linux stays free. Just go to, create an account and request a home use license. Please note that the evaluation download will shut off after 30 days, if no license key is entered. The home use license has the functionality of the Office Edition, Virus and Surf Protection can be purchased at a reduced price.

If you have more questions regarding the new licensing, please visit the licensing page on our new website or contact us @ 

Astaro Security Linux Version 3 does not support the Cobalt platforms for now, they do not run with Reiser-Filesystem which is needed for ASL V3. Hopefully it will work again with the next Cobalt product line coming out this summer. Of course we will continue the support for version 2.x, also licensing doesn't change for that version.

We hope that our latest release will fulfill all your requirements, and we are looking forward to receive your feedback.

Best Regards,
Jan Hichert

*) Although we will have this 2->3 Up2Date option, manually upgrading by new installation and using the backup feature (from 2.025!) is the recommended way of doing it.


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