Review: Astaro at CeBIT 2011

What an incredible week! Even the train strike on Friday could not stop visitors coming to our booth. We had some very busy, but absolutely exciting days. We were happy to welcome partners accompanied by their customers as well as new faces who were interested to learn more about Astaro. At some times, the capacity limit of our booth was definitively reached, and people queued at each presentation terminal!

In order to present what is new at Astaro, we not only had demonstration terminals that had preview versions of all new solutions to come in 2011 (Astaro Application Control, Astaro Log Management and Astaro Endpoint Security), but also workshops on the second level of our booth four times a day! Judging by how many interested participants came for every session, our news as well as the older solutions seem to be creating much excitement! Also, the feedback we received from partners and customers whenever we talked about the Astaro Security Wall was very encouraging: Our strategy is what they are looking for.

At the end of each day, partners and customers were invited to join us for the traditional Orange Hour, to sit together over some beer and finger food. Those Orange Hours could have gone on all nights, as we had a great atmosphere and even further technical discussions and demonstrations, but at some point, you have to cut it – when the food is empty.

We are looking forward to seeing all again at the next tradeshow!


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