Public ASG V7.300 BETA released

New Astaro Security Gateway V7.300 BETA improves Mail Security and Management functionality

Astaro invites you to participate in the ASG V7.300 Beta Test Program. The new release features a broad set of new and improved Mail Security functions, redesigned End-User and Mail Manager portals, enhanced authentication management and reporting functions, performance improvements for reporting and logging as well as bugfixes.  

What's new in ASG V7.300?

The following new features are included:

Improved Email Filter 

  • Sender/domain and IP/network blacklists (SMTP only)
  • Spam and malware rejection during SMTP transaction
  • Email recipient verification based on Active Directory (SMTP only)  
  • MIME type blocking with “magic” file type lookup (SMTP only)
  • Quarantine for unscannable attachments (e.g. encrypted zips, oversized content)
  • Upload and/or change SMTP TLS/SSL certificate
  • Upstream host/network list, with “Upstream hosts only” option
  • RDNS and HELO checks (anti-spam feature)
  • Multi-lingual spam digest with configurable schedule (two configurable times per day)
  • DKIM (Domainkeys Identified Mail) outgoing mail signing
  • Multi-lingual UserPortal with customizable welcome message
  • Persistent cookie support for end user portal
  • SMTP parent proxy support for spam detection engine
  • Reworked Email encryption engine (with additional support of PGP key server query and clustering)  


  • Redesigned End-User and Mail Manager portals (enhanced search, management of deferred messages and more)
  • Visual SMTP log (in Admin Mail Manager)
  • Redesigned SMTP Proxy Profile configuration
  • Configurable SMTP Server for Notifications
  • Test Authentication Settings and User Authentication
  • Reworked eDirectory Browser and new Active Directory Browser
  • Backend-User-Group Support for Authentication
  • Directory User Prefetch for eDirectory and Active Directory
  • Perfomance Improvements for Logging and Reporting (based on PostgreSQL)
  • Show Reporting Graphs of HA-/Cluster-Slave Machines in WebAdmin
  • Reboot/Halt HA-/Cluster-Slave Machines in WebAdmin
  • Configurable Reporting  


  • IPsec XAUTH support
  • Besides these new features the new release includes bugfixes and updates that increase the stability and system performance.  


  • Online help has not been updated for new or changed features yet.

How to become a Beta Tester

Bullet proof internet security is mission critical to all our customers. A comprehensive testing procedure is required to achieve the right level of perfection for Astaro products in a productive environment. Therefore we would like to invite you to participate in our Beta Test Program. The following sections will provide all the information you need to download, install and test the ASG V7.3 Beta.

Testing Period

July 3rd – August 15th

Download Information

The initial beta version can only be tested through a new installation, i.e. by downloading and installing the complete ISO image. You can't upgrade your existing installation with a BETA up2date package. However, it is possible to restore a backup from an earlier version (up to 7.201).

New installation:  

Download ISO-Image for custom X86 hardware
(Size 450177024 bytes, MD5Sum c83107fe6a21777c1a4af843422b86ed)  

Download ISO-Image for ASG appliances
(Size 473632768 bytes, MD5Sum 83b2e6d714d380579f95c3ac36fb2a1a)

Limitations and Hints 

  • ASG V7.3 BETA will not be supported via Astaro's support teams, using it in production evironments is therefore discouraged.
  • A ASG V7.3 manual and complete Online Help will be available with the GA release.  

Test Cases

After you have successfully installed the beta version of ASG V7.3 you are able to conduct individual tests at your own discretion. If feasible we would also appreciate if you would have a closer look into the following areas and provide us with your personal feedback as described below: 

  • End-User portal / Admin Mail Manager
  • SMTP Proxy in general
  • POP3 Proxy
  • FTP Proxy  


As with earlier versions please post any feedback and discuss any of the ASG V7.3 BETA features on our User Bulletin Board in the “BETA Version” forum.

Win Amazon Gift cards!

Your feedback is important. It supports our effort to meet the highest quality demands. As a result, participants in our Beta Program for ASG V7.3 will have the chance to win three Amazon Gift Cards! Please see the BETA version forum on our User Bulletin Board for details.

Your Astaro Product Management Team


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