More than 50% of all companies are vulnerable to lose important e-mails

The American Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) published an interesting survey. It was conducted among 629 members and revealed a disastrous mindset when handling e-mails in many companies.

26 percent of all companies questioned delete EVERY e-mail and do not ensure they retain it neither for the legally defined period nor for the simple benefit of keeping knowledge and information. Another 31 percent do not have an e-mail policy in place or do not actively enforce it. Thus, nobody can be sure whether important e-mails are archived or not. I can only hope that these results may have performed better had the survey been run in Europe. But realistically, I do not assume this would be true.

However, it would be very easy to achieve compliance with federal laws concerning e-discovery and retention. A sophisticated yet easy to use archiving system like the hosted Astaro Mail Archiving service would solve all issues. The good thing is that it simultaneously ensures that no e-mails will get lost: even if an employee’s computer hard drive crashes – and thus locally stored PST files get deleted as a result.
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