L2TP with DHCP in Version 8.000-8.003

This is a bug notice for Version 8.000-8.003 regarding L2TP with DHCP. If you are planning to use Version 8 – either with the appliance upgrade button or an ISO install + restore of your backup file, this configuration will cause problems. You also should not push the “one-touch upgrade button” introduced in 7.508 if you use L2TP with DHCP in V7.

The middleware will crash and restart in a cycle. If you have already moved to V8 and are experiencing this bug, Astaro support can help you by disabling the DHCP assignment and/or using the pool instead for L2TP.

We have already fixed this bug in the 8.100 Beta, and will shortly publish a fix in 8.004, which will also be the new landing version for the appliance upgrade process.
Apologies if you are of one the very few customers affected by this bug. (based on your configuration.) If you have specific questions, please contact our support.


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The original article/video can be found at L2TP with DHCP in Version 8.000-8.003

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