Better Archive Your E-Mails – Because E-Mail Outages Do Happen!

Well, luckily I’m not one of the 0,02% of Google Mail users that where affected by Monday's massive outage, resulting in empty mail accounts. After a software storage update, Google’s Gmail service lost e-mails of roughly 38,000 users.

Luckily one-third of them have their data restored already, but the remaining users will most probably have to wait for another 12 hours to get their e-mails back.

Ok, most Gmail users have their account for private purposes – but still: Imagine being cut off from your inbox for two days – and not only from your inbox but from virtually every e-mail you have ever received. And now imagine how such a loss would affect your business and please be honest – don’t just say that this could never happen to your systems.

True, if you backup your data (and yes, you always should) you will have at least something to restore from and get back all your data. But again, restores are time consuming and complex.

However, if I would be affected by an outage of my e-mail system, Astaro Mail Archiving  would save my day. With my Archive Client (whether using a web-browser, MS Outlook or even an iPhone) I always have access to every e-mail I ever received or sent – whether from yesterday, last month or even years back.

Obviously, archiving solutions are mainly built to focus on business needs like optimizing workflows, helping e-mail management processes and complying with legal requirements. But if all goes wrong with your e-mail system, Astaro Mail Archiving just shows another built-by-design feature: Rock-solid, reliable access from everywhere to your most valuable communication data –  your e-mails.


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