Astaro Supports Roparun 2011

The Roparun is the longest non-stop relay race in the world, covering approximately 530 KM between Rotterdam and Paris. The aim of this charity event is to raise funds for cancer-diagnosed patients and took place this year between 11th and 13th June 2011.

This event is not only unique in its length, but also with its goal carrying the motto: “Aiming to add life to the days that remain, when no more days can be added to life”. Throughout its 17 year history, over 29,000,000 EUR has been raised.

This year, Astaro proudly supported this event with our Astaro Security Gateway and Wireless Security solutions. The good people at Contec, our Dutch Distributor, made it possible and ensured that all VIPs and the on-location media had secure access to the WiFi network.

View our slideshow from the event below.


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