Astaro Security Linux 3.203

Hello everybody,

ASL 3.203 contains improvements and fixes to Version 3. A Up2date package for version 3.202 will be available next hours. Thanks to all who sent us problem reports. We hope that our latest release will fulfill all your needs, and we are looking forward to receive your feedback. Please choose your download server for asl-3.203.iso on our homepage.

Astaro Security Linux 3.203 in detail:

asl-3.203.iso : 210911232 bytes : md5sum 891214f37aa9ad76dfed65deac45f02a
asl-3.203.iso.gz : 72985392 bytes : md5sum 091a0bb3395086be8269e856b8b8eccd


  • Compaq Smart-2/P Raid Controller will now be recognized during install
  • Improved performance while Logfile rotation


(please refer to our know-issues document)
ID108 o 3.200 IPSec X509 Remote Key: missing CN field, format problems
ID126 o 3.200 DHCP client does not work in i586 and similar CPUs
ID147 o 3.200 Interfaces with names starting with numbers do not work
ID157 o 3.200 Importing 2.xx backups: short service names
ID164 o 3.200 Whitespace in entered license key makes it invalid
ID195 o 3.200 Firewall contacts root nameservers if forwarders are unreachable
ID201 o 3.200 Compaq Integrated NetFlex-3/P NIC not detected upon installation
ID206 o 3.200 Downloading PKCS#12 certificates may produce 0-byte files
ID207 o 3.200 CA management: deleting signing CA leaves used index.txt file
ID241 o 3.200 Error restarting SMTP proxy after pattern update
ID263 o 3.200 Charset definition not in WebAdmin HTTP headers
ID265 o 3.200 OpenSSL vulnerablities (CAN-2002-0656 CAN-2002-0657 CAN-2002-065
ID266 o 3.200 OpenSSL vulnerablities (CAN-2002-0656 CAN-2002-0657 CAN-2002-065
ID267 o 3.200 OpenSSL vulnerablities (CAN-2002-0656 CAN-2002-0657 CAN-2002-065
ID268 o 3.200 OpenSSL vulnerablities (CAN-2002-0656 CAN-2002-0657 CAN-2002-065

Private home usage of Astaro Security Linux is free. Just go to our Registration Portal, create an account and request a home use license. Please note that the evaluation download will shut off after 30 days if no license key is entered. The home use license has the functionality of the Office Edition, Virus and Surf Protection can be purchased at a reduced price.

If you have more questions regarding the new licensing, please visit the licensing page on our website or contact us at


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