Astaro Secure Client V9.2 released

This new release adds Windows 7 support, 64 bit optimization, support of new Intel Wi-Fi drivers, Tip of the day and many additional minor enhancements.  

New Features

ASC V9.2 offers the following major new features, among others:

Windows 7 Support
Fll support is provided for the new Microsoft operating system Windows 7 from version 9.2 onwards. In general the following Windows desktop operating systems are now supported:
* Windows XP (32/64 Bit) 
* Windows Vista (32/64 Bit
* Windows 7 (32/64 Bit)  
Additionally, the Secure Client supports the new Intel Wi-Fi drivers, starting from version, and it is compatible to the mobile broadband support in Windows 7.
Important notes:
* Installation of the Astaro Secure Client under Windows 7 demands a license key of version 9.20.
* In case of an update from Windows Vista to Windows 7, the monitor of a Client version 9.2 , licensed with a license key 9.1, can only be started in order to enter a license key of version 9.2.
* All other new features as described below can also be used with a 9.1 license key under Windows XP and Windows Vista
* The support for Windows 2000 has been discontinued, starting with Astaro Secure Client version 9.2.

If the laptop is moved within the range of several access points with the same SSID, the system automatically switches to an access point with higher field strength in the case of low Wi-Fi reception. Applications communicating via this VPN tunnel are usually not affected by the change of access point. This allows the user to move across the corporate campus (e.g. with a laptop), without the need to set up new Wi-Fi connections.

State Display during Wi-Fi Scans and Connection Set Up
If “Wi-Fi” is activated, a periodical scan for Wi-Fi networks is run. During scanning the respective icon is animated. Connection set up to an access point is displayed with a blinking yellow ball on the left hand side of the selected SSID of the Wi-Fi network. A green ball indicates the established connection to a Wi-Fi access point. If several Wi-Fi access points use the same SSID, a small red triangle is displayed next to the SSID.

Wi-Fi GUI with Tray Icon
If “Wi-Fi” has been activated, the affiliated tray icon appears in the taskbar. This icon shows the current connection state, the field strength and the mode of encryption. Clicking on the tray icon, all available Wi-Fi networks are displayed. Selecting one of the Wi-Fi networks either starts connection set up or the Wi-Fi profile wizard, if no Wi-Fi profile has been configured for this Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi profile wizard shortens profile configuration and automates connection set up to a new Wi-Fi network. The encryption mode (WEP, WPA…) is now automatically detected.

Tip of the day
With each start of the monitor, a new tip of the day (title) appears next to the corporate logo. Clicking on the tip title opens the affiliated HTML page in the default browser explaining the complete topic. The order of the tips is set in the daytips_en.ini within the installation directory tips. The tips can also be hidden via the view menu of the Client Monitor.

Profile Export and Import
The profile settings offer the feature to export the selected profile and to import it to another client. Through this feature the same VPN profile can be easily transferred from one computer to another. Certificates, however, have to be imported separately.

Revised 3G Configuration
In the profile settings, a new parameter folder has been introduced for the communication medium GPRS / 3G. Three modes of 3G configuration are available:
* Provider list (default setting): By selecting the provider, the APN and the dial-up number is being suggested.
* APN from SIM card: The APN is read out of the SIM card. (This only works if an APN is configured on the SIM card.)
* User-defined: The user is free to configure all dial-up parameters manually. The provider list can be expanded via the file APN.ini in the installation directory.

Budget Manager History for the Previous Twelve Months
The “Budget Manager History” in the connection menu item records and displays either as tabulation or as chart the data volume over a maximum time span of the previous twelve months (provided line management is activated).

Vodafone Web Sessions Support
After setting up a VPN tunnel by clicking on “Connect”, the user can log on to Vodafone web sessions and establish a VPN tunnel.

Integration of the Firewall State in the Windows Security Center / Action Center
The Windows Security Center/ Action Center display the availability of the ASC firewall. Since Microsoft has not yet implemented the affiliated API for Windows 7, this service is not available for Windows 7 at the moment Additional feature and installation information as well as the most current documentation can be found on the Astaro Knowledgebase at under Section Astaro Secure Client – Manuals and Guides.

How to update your client software

There are two ways for updating your client:

  1. Start the Astaro Secure Client Monitor on your desktop. On the menu select “Help -> Search for New Updates“. Click “Next” on the upcoming “Software Update Wizard” window. The client will now automatically search for new updates. If a newer version is found, you can click on the “Next” button to start the automatic installation immediately.
  2. Use MyAstaro to download the new client software from our HTTP or FTP Server. When installing the new software an already existing version will be recognized and updated accordingly.

How to upgrade your license

If you have upgraded your system to Windows 7 you need to upgrade your ASC license to a V9.2 license by purchasing a one-time update license, which allows updating of an existing license by one or two releases. When purchasing the license you'll receive an activation key which must be applied to your existing license within MyAstaro. You'll then be offered a new file for download including the key that needs to be entered into your client.
Free License Upgrade
If you have purchased your existing ASC Version 9.1x license after May 1st 2009 and activated the license after 1st July 2009 (or if the license key has not been used yet) you will receive a new version 9.2 license free of charge by following these steps:
– Download the new Astaro Security Client software version from and install it on your PC. Alternatively you may upgrade your client directly via the “Help / Search for Updates” menu point within your current ASC client monitor.
– Reboot your PC.
– After starting the Astaro Secure Client Monitor, you will be notified that a V9.2 license is required. Click “OK”.
– The window “License Data” will appear. Click on “Activation“.
– Select “Online-Activation” and click on “Next“.
– You will see a form presenting the license key. Click on “Next“.
– If you are not connected to the internet yet, please connect now. Click on „Next“.
– The Astaro Secure Client will now connect to the activations server and will retrieve a new activation key.

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