Astaro RED Earns IT Product Of the Year 2010 Award

Computerworld, a leading Czech IT publication, recently made a list of the best new products to hit the IT security space this year with their 2010 round-up. The branch office security innovation, Astaro RED, was awarded with their coveted “IT Product 2010” award.

Astaro RED uses a revolutionary approach to offer protection for external branch office locations. Through a centrally located Astaro Security Gateway at the head office, complete unified threat management security can then be cascaded down remotely as if there were an Ethernet cable connecting the two devices.

The unconfigured Astaro RED device needs only be shipped to the location and plugged in. The local office will only need to communicate the serial number to the head office and plug in three connections: Internet cable, computer and the mains supply. Everything else will follow automatically, eliminating the need for local technical IT staff.

Management, logging, troubleshooting and reporting are all centralized through the Astaro Security Gateway, reducing the total cost of ownership by up to 80% – compared to any other method.

Find out how you can easily secure your branch office locations with Astaro RED.


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