Astaro Command Center V3.001 Released

We have made released the first maintenance update for V3 of the Astaro Command Center (ACC). A bugfix & stability release, this package will address certain issues in ACC 3.000 and increase the reliability of your installation. You can read the full details after the break.

-This is a maintenance release

-System will be rebooted
-Configuration will be upgraded

[18822] Confd clients may miss storage changes
[19649] Devices without configuration feature let accd run into a deadlock
[na] Various Gateway Manager fixes

Download Links:
Size: 62.7MB
MD5: c8b9ed5aa0089a53cd3614be4e6de402

**Important Licensing Note**: Version 3 now uses our the newer-style licensing model we released in 2010 for our ASG products. This means your existing ACC key from the MyAstaro portal is longer valid, nor is any outstanding static keys from the time when we only offered a single key for all installations. To get your new ACC 3.0 key, fill out the creation form on our website. Your personalized license will then be available via the License Management section of your MyAstaro account.


  Astaro Command Center FTP Mirrors:  


  • If you want to provide feedback or want to discuss any of the ACC V3 features you should post it on our User Bulletin Board. Please indicate the version you are using (e.g. “[3.001] Central Backup Creation Question”).
  • If you have any feedback on our help, manual, or any documentation (Online Help) please send it to
  • There is also an ACC demo server for public use:

Angelo Comazzetto
ACC Product Manager


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