ASG Appliances Now Shipping with V8

Greetings! The success of ASG Version 8 continues. We released 8.100 last week, and in December flew past the 15,000 production-installs mark for V8 (in just a few short months). I am pleased to report that our factories have now fully switched over to ASG V8 for all currently-shipping ASG appliances.

This means customers taking delivery of new ASG orders will soon see them arriving with our latest and most feature-packed version already installed. Remember that 8.100 also includes support for our popular Wireless Security. The final release step will be 7.510 sometime in February which will allow existing Wireless Security and Full-Guard licenses running V7 to make use of the one-click upgrade-to-V8 feature.

As Version 8 proceeds further into the product life-cycle, we'd like to inform you at this time that V7 should be considered end-of-sale now. Further, we will officially end product support for V7 at the end of the year in 2012. Note that our ASG demo servers at are seeing increased usage, and we have plans to bring more online so they remain snappy and responsive. Note these now run ASG Version 8 exclusively.


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