Additional note to Up2Date 4.017

Astaro recommends that Up2date 4.017 should **not** be applied to any production system at this time because of the included kernel upgrade and reboot.

ASL Up2Date 4.017 was released on December 2 at 10:00 am Central European Time. In the 12 hours since the release was made available, a problem has been reported that appears to be related to an unusual hardware configuration. Astaro Quality Assurance is working to assess the cause of the problem.

Until this assessment is completed, Astaro recommends that this release **not** be applied to any production system.

If you do apply Up2Date 4.017 to a lab or test system, Astaro would appreciate it if you would inform us if the installation was successful or encountered any problems: or on this UBB thread.


We will post updates on this as soon as additional information is available.


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