Acquisitions and Record Growth in 2010

Last year was exceptionally successful for us: Astaro as a company grew over 30% during 2010 and more than 50% in the fourth quarter. This we did not accomplish on our own, as it is the continuous support and engagement of our partners that has brought us this far, and we highly appreciate it.

In 2009, we started our expansion and investment strategy, broadening our portfolio to deliver a complete suite of IT security solutions. In order to continue this strategy and to lift the consolidation of IT security and UTM to the next level, we made two acquisitions of cutting edge technology companies in 2010. In both cases, we took over and will carry on all business.

The first is Romania-based CoSoSys, which offers mobile data protection solutions for both PC and Mac. Although there are lots of different solutions on the market to secure endpoints, their complicated, decentralized management leads to only fragmentary protection. In 2011, we will release Astaro Endpoint Security as an integrated part of the Astaro Security Gateway, allowing central security management, no matter where the endpoint is located. With the integration of the complete CoSoSys staff into our team, Astaro gains an experienced development team that will take care of the further development of Astaro Endpoint Security.

Our second acquisition is the Denmark-based company InspektOnline, which drastically simplifies log management with its hosted service. Not only is log management important when trying to achieve compliance with different standards like PCI-DSS, but also for security monitoring and troubleshooting. Astaro Log Management will offer automated archiving, consolidating and reporting, providing administrators with a better overview of what is going on in their network.

During the economic crisis, many technology companies decided to hold back investments. Already in 2009, we decided to take the opposite approach and started the development of three completely new products that were released in 2010: Astaro RED, Astaro Wireless Security and Astaro Mail Archiving. We gained significant market share and grew faster than the market, and this allowed us to further invest in the expansion of our product portfolio in 2010. This year, we will launch amongst others:

  • Astaro Application Control / Next Generation Firewall: Helps to gain visibility of your Internet usage, blocks unwanted apps like Facebook or Ultrasurf while prioritizing internet bandwidth for business use.
  • Astaro Endpoint Security: Manages endpoints at any location by using a centrally deployed security agent to prevent data loss from removable devices.
  • Astaro Log Management: Centrally stores and analyzes log data from all your systems and applications to easily track errors, meet policies, and speeds up troubleshooting.

From our partners and customers, we learned that that it is time to consolidate security products on a higher level. In 2011, we will continue our investments in further functionality of our UTM core products and new technology areas like endpoint protection and log management. This is going to be an exciting year and I am really looking forward to it.


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