ACC 2.1 Licensing

With the official GA Version 2.1 of the Astaro Command Center, we will be adjusting the licensing process for the product. Astaro Command Center will remain a free product, however users will now be able generate and use a personalized key for their ACC installation.

This is in contrast to the common key which was shared by all users in the past. The existing “free” ACC license key will expire at the end of 2009, and we will take this opportunity to provide both new and existing users with their own key. To obtain your new ACC license key, please visit this page and fill out the registration form, at which point an activation key will be sent to you for use in the portal.

Note that every installation of the Astaro Command Center comes fully licensed for 30 days by default. The existing common key used in the past (which was obtained from our web site) will be shortly removed and replaced with a link to this posting.

Enjoy Astaro Command Center 2.1!


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