7.400 Up2Date Re-Released

The official GA Up2Date Package for 7.400 has now been made available. We'd like to thank you for your patience as we ensured the quality of the Up2Date experience for all our customers. We know many of you are eagerly waiting for the new features in this version! Read on for the relevant details.

Up2Date 7.400 Status Review
During the brief period where Up2Date 7.400 was officially available, we identified an issue that could possibly cause the installation of the Up2Date 7.400 to take extensive periods of time for some customers. To be cautious, we revoked the package from our servers for more testing, and substituted it with a placeholder package designed to inform customers about the delay. We have now identified the issue and corrected it, along with optimizing other parts of the Up2Date process. For all the details about 7.400, see our main posting here.

Changes in the Re-Release
While the Up2Date is the same, the process by which it is installed has been altered. To keep you fully informed, we'll explain a bit about the database migration process. In this release, we will now migrate & work on the database after 8pm (unit time) during the evenings. If the migration process requires more than a single night (9.5 hours), it will finish the current work task and then carry on again each night until the process completes.

This ensures the installation has all available resources during the daytime hours. Even during the evening, the migration process will run at a low priority to minimize impact, and the installation will be operational during these periods. As a result, depending on the size of databases being worked with, this could take several sessions to finish. We have also added some admin notification messages which will inform you of the progress of the migration, and a final notification when the process is fully complete. Lastly, this process will not be affected by a reboot or power loss (aside from further delaying the work from finishing), and Cluster/HA setups will also use this process.)

Up2Date Download and Installation
Regardless of if you have the placeholder 7.400 Up2Date or have not yet retrieved anything, you do not have to take any action to ensure the correct 7.400 package is obtained by your Astaro installation(s). Please check the package information tooltip (represented by a Blue “I” logo on the Up2Date page), to ensure you are installing the official 7.400 and not attempting to install the placeholder package repeatedly.

Up2Date 7.400 File Information
AxG 7.400 Up2Date (for all Astaro installations) Size: 247453087 bytes (241MB) MD5sum: b96a27efc3c6356f2293c7b6bb867eda *Depending on your location and the popularity of the Up2Date server in your area, you unit may require up to 72 hours to secure a download slot and retrieve the 7.400 Up2Date.

With a significant new release, please check our V7 Known Issues List to make sure you are not affected by one of these issues.


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