Dancing with Hackers

Dancing with the Stars pro Witney Carson announced on Twitter that her Facebook account had been hacked. Unknown miscreants gained control of Carson’s Facebook through a unique phishing technique and proceeded to... Read more »

ReVil Ransomware Threatens to Squeeze Their Victims with Public Exposure of Data

The REvil Ransomware crew are getting ready to put more pressure on their ransomware victims to pay up by threatening to release data if the ransom isn’t paid. Our friends at Bleepingcomputer... Read more »

Spear Phishing in the Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint, which produces Canada’s coins, nearly sent an employee’s paycheck to an attacker following a spear phishing attack, CBC News reports. The attacker sent an email to the Mint’s... Read more »

Microsoft Sees Phishing on the Rise

According to Microsoft security research, the percentage of inbound emails associated with phishing on average increased in the past year. For some, this may feel like obvious news, but given the scale of... Read more »