Annabelle: The Terrifying New Ransomware Variant

A new ransomware variant called Annabelle has been discovered, which seems to have been designed to ‘show off the skills’ of the developer who created it, by being as difficult to deal... Read more »

State of Cybersecurity 2018

Did you know? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take affect May 25, 2018. This will affect global organizations that hold or process personal data of any European Union resident. The... Read more »

Scam Of The Week: The Most Sophisticated Netflix Phishing Yet

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How one letter can lead you to a scam: James Lyne talks typosquatting with NBC News

Sophos’ James Lyne talks to NBC Nightly News about the simple, but effective scam, and how you can protect yourself Everyone’s done it – in the rush to get on a website,... Read more »