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  • I am Dave!!! But my name is Mark. But according to this video… I am
    Dave!!! I’m so confused. Good thing I have a fleet of MR12s and some MX
    security devices to figure out why I’m Dave… but I’m Mark!

  • Meraki is the equivalent of Hitler and his S.S

  • Cute. I love the reference to Ice Age. :P

  • Have you heard the latest around next generation WIFI? maybe Cisco Meraki
    can point you in the right direction! check this out.



  • Only thing I am upset about is that Meraki sold themselves to Cisco…Cisco
    is like Microsoft…Dinosaurs who struggle very hard to upgrade with trends
    until someone slaps them in the face…hopefully Meraki is doing the
    slapping at Cisco rather than getting slapped :)

  • Figata pazzesca

  • Love Meraki, been using the MDM and now got my first MR16. just the start
    of a hardware replacement of a multi site network that is spread all over
    the country, and yes like Mark i am Dave but i’m Geoff

  • Everything Easier with MERAKI ^^!

  • We use their switches, WiFi, and MDM service. I can’t say enough about how
    easy they are to deploy and manage, yet sophisticated enough to make
    everything work incredibly fast. And the reporting is so amazing, that I
    now know who’s using my bandwidth for Netflix. Keep up the great work

  • Same as Dave :(

  • This is amazing technology!

  • This DFAMNED company like to SPAM people…. STOP sending SPAM emaisl to my
    emails box once and forever. Thank you.

  • Para los administradores de redes , muy buena opción a considerar. 

  • For anyone unsure of what managed WiFi can do for your business watch this
    video. Simple and easy to understand!

  • Just in case you’ve only just discovered us…

    The Meraki Story

  • Meraki Networks that make your life easier, Really?

    Well after installing and managing multiple networks geographically
    separated easily and with minimal staff I have to say yes, its true.
    And now with their free Mobile Device Management Built into every network
    you can’t buy a more powerful and easy to manage system.

  • Wow Meraki looks amazing. Too bad I’m no IT =/

  • What makes Meraki stand out among Xirrus, Ruckus, Aruba and Aerohive? I’d
    really want to know since we are just about to upgrade from HP MSM410’s…

  • Great technology!!!

  • This product is just amazing, we installed Meraki MR24’s to our network and
    now we have Wi-Fi that just works! fast, reliable and very good. The VPN
    teleworker option on the MR12 was so easy to setup from home. I cannot rate
    this product highly enough.

  • I spent an entire afternoon building a wifi bridge because of stupid
    firmware. Wish i knew about this.


  • Dave-ine!

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