U.S. Utilities Face Phishing Attacks Intent on Gaining Remote Access
Last month saw a number of utility sector businesses targeted with spear phishing attacks that utilize a new remote access Trojan (RAT) that provides attackers with admin access. We’ve seen a wave of attacks that appear to be focused on infrastructure-related organizations in the U.S. The recent seemingly coordinated attacks on local governments and municipalities… (0 comment)

Even ‘Unsubscribe’ Emails Can Put the Organization at Risk
Social Engineering tactics seek to use any means that’s familiar to the intended victim – and unsubscribing is perceived as being so benign, it may just be the perfect way to fool your users. While I can’t think of a single website I’ve visited in the last year that sends me an email after I’ve… (0 comment)

The Stock Market Doesn’t React Well to Data Breaches
The latest data from UK-based research firm, Comparitech, shows that organizations who suffer a data breach continue to suffer in the stock market well after. After a data breach, there are many costs incurred by organizations attempting to clean up the mess. Investigations, communications, public relations, legal fees, and customer notifications are just some of… (0 comment)