Download Information Astaro Security Linux 1.735 - asl-1.735.iso : 124508160 bytes : 6d21bc496897a579340a99d4c2fc3e06 asl-1.735.iso.gz : 44354719 bytes : 90366d1a464bdccc13a0d2c022305a9f Change log New: ACL fuer HTTP proxy access and transparent mode New: Support VMWare Ethernet New: Notification about 1 hour queued emails Update: AVX-Viruspattern Update: Selfmonitoring Update: Anti Ad Database Update: halt/shutdown for Commandline Up2Date from 1.718 to 1.735 will be released next days... Happy Xmas! READ MORE … (0 comment)

There is a new mirror available in Germany: Thanks to Klaus for his support!  READ MORE … (0 comment)

Up2Date 1.708 and prepare Up2Date 1.709 (498 Bytes) Urgency: HIGH (low,Middle, HIGH) Up2Date 1.709 Update: MiddleWare Update: WebAdmin Update: Selfmonitor Update: Anti Virus Scan with AVP Update: Up2Date Update: HTTP Proxy 14153154 Bytes Up2Date 1.715 Finish Up2DAte 1.709 509 Bytes Up2Date Server: All Up2Dates are GNUPG-signed! READ MORE … (0 comment)