Urgency: HIGH (low,Middle, HIGH) Up2Date 1.719 Update: prepare for Up2Date 1.720 870 bytes Up2Date 1.720 Update: prepare for Up2Date 1.721 477 bytes Up2Date 1.721 New: ACL fuer HTTP proxy access and transparent mode New: Notification about 1 hour queued emails Update: AVP-Viruspattern Update: Selfmonitoring Update: Anti Ad Database Update: Halt/Reboot for Commandline Bugfix: /23-Netmask Bugfix: VPN "Leftnexthop" Bugfix: static services for NAT 9318371 bytes Up2Date 1.735 Update: finish Up2Date 1.721  523 bytes Up2Date Server:   All Up2Dates are GNUPG-signed! READ MORE … (0 comment)

Have a look at the new Astaro Security Linux 1.737 Download Information http://www.astaro.com/products/download.html asl-1.737.iso : 124528640 bytes : md5sum 7026c74b80ac5cc725e8aa99608acdf5 asl-1.737.iso.gz : 44369989 bytes : md5sum 5b0c96b7438b39510d6d5bfaf4ac662c Changelog Bugfix: password settings during install READ MORE … (0 comment)

There is a problem with password settings during the install procedure with version 1.736 - please use this workaround or wait for 1.737: Passwords from install procedure for loginuser and root are not set! There are default-password settings which are overwritten during the install: for loginuser and root password is test Login as root (with passord test) on console and set with passwd root and passwd loginuser new passwords! READ MORE … (0 comment)

Astaro Security Linux 1.736 - http://www.astaro.com/products/download.html asl-1.736.iso : 124477440 bytes : md5sum 04dc86dc8b64ec0e6e2a074f96bc1df3 asl-1.736.iso.gz : 44343726 bytes : md5sum b59692300e219daa5f12708de8fdbac2 Change log: Bugfix: Error Messages for Hardware Detection Bugfix: Middleware DNS ANY-Net Netmask READ MORE … (0 comment)