Astaro Security Linux 1.8 was released for worldwide distribution. With more than 30.000 downloads of our software and more than 4.000 active used installations, Astaro Security Linux is one of the best tested firewall solutions. Take a look at our press release "The checkpoint for Internet security switches to Germany" at . … (0 comment)

Urgency: HIGH (low, Middle, HIGH) Up2Date 1.801 Update: new virus pattern files Size: 15053 bytes Up2Date Server: All Up2Dates are GNUPG-signed!   PS: You might encounter problems getting Up2Dates with ASL 1.8 if you imported backups from some previous (beta) versions. To solve this do the following on the console: login as user "root"   edit the file /etc/aus.conf by typing joe /etc/aus.conf Make sure the settings are the following:   code: user einsacht host port 222 idfile /etc/ Save and exit the editor with Ctrl-K X Leave the console by typing exit at the console Login into WebAdmin and enter "" as Up2Date Server in "System -> Up2Date Service" and press the save-button Remember not to use your old Backup-file again. … (0 comment)

 Known Issues: - SOCKS proxy : under certain circumstances, the SOCKS proxy is not able to handle client requests containing unresolved host names. This will be fixed in the next 1.8 series Up2Date package… (0 comment)