Hi All, It’s been a while since I have penned my thoughts on technology here . Sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by vastly experienced and very busy personalities; and the experience is such that you feel to share it to peers, right? Most of you might be aware of the Manage Engine user-conference which was held a few weeks back in Melbourne and Sydney (and we keep doing that around the globe J ). … (0 comment)

As several customers and partners have expressed their interest in our current Amazon capabilities, I'd like to take the chance to summarize our integration with Amazon and their excellent cloud services. In ASG 8.300, we added two different areas of support with Amazon Web Services (AWS) products; our solution can be run within the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2)using a pre-built machine image provided by us, along with a dedicated Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) connector to join your ASG to your VPC with a level of ease never before possible. As a result, you then saw the business case possibilities around using RED appliances and WIFI Access Points for connecting branch offices back to products hosted within Amazon; we have shipped thousands of units in response… (0 comment)

Synthetic End User Monitor Guided Tour
SolarWinds website & web application monitoring software, SeUM, takes the mystery out of tracking the response time and health of your critical web applications and websites, so that you can shine a light on issues before your users do. With just a push of a button, our super-easy-to-use recorder captures the steps in any web application and saves them to a test that you can schedule to run as frequently as every minute. This latest release of SeUM allows you to record and playback rich content, including Flash® and Silverlight®, and validate non-text content on a page. … (0 comment)