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Stumped About Network Security?

Feeling overwhelmed by the potential risks your business faces every day? The truth is, the size of your business has little to do with your vulnerability to network attacks. Review these tips to secure your network without breaking the bank.

Use strong passwords for everything

We’ve all heard it time and time again. Use strong passwords to protect all of your machines, devices, and accounts. Strong passwords are those with eight or more characters, they don’t contain real words or common words for your company, they have at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one symbol or character. Strong passwords help you lock down your devices and accounts from intruders.

Password management tools like ManageEngine’s PasswordManager Pro, RoboForm or LastPass typically include a random password generator.

Build up security all around your business

Get a firewall and give it a strong password. Putting a firewall in place acts as a fence around your organization with a secure outer shell. It only offers openings like gates where necessary for the information you need and use. For example, if you have an e-mail server, there should only be openings on proper ports to allow your messages to go out and come in, just like a gate. A firewall controls this flow of information with specific open one-way ports to keep your company information safe.

Some firewalls to consider include: Fortinet’s Fortigate, Barracuda Networks’ NG Firewall and Watchguard’s XTM Series.

Update your software programs, computers, servers, and firewalls

Updates are really important for several reasons. Developers are always improving their products and often release patches to solve known problems with software or to close security holes. Updates can also address new cyber attacks looming online that may impact the security of your program or device.

While updating your computers, firewalls and servers is obviously important, it can also be difficult to do, especially when you have a lot of them to do.  This is where a solution like ManageEngine’s Desktop Central can help as it basically automates the entire process for you.

Watch yourself and scan often

Make sure you are watching the traffic on your network 24/7/365. Scan your entire business to see what’s really going on inside. This is a great line of defense against network attacks. Just like the saying “Think like a hacker, defend like a ninja.” Scanning your network regularly for vulnerabilities will give you the upper hand identifying loopholes your business needs to address to stay safe.

Monitoring your network for device uptime and issues can easily be done using a tool like ManageEngine’s OpManager, Ipswitch’s WhatsUp Gold, CastleRock’s SNMPc or Solarwinds Orion.

If you want to monitor bandwidth use or do network forensics look at something like ManageEngine’s NetFlow Analyzer or Viavi’s Observer Apex.

If you’d like to monitor your entire network for security vulnerabilities then look at Alien Vault’s Unified Security Management solution.


Virtual Local Area Networks are fancy tools that allow you to direct traffic within your network. Think about it, your receptionist doesn’t really need to see your company financial documents like tax filings or insurance information. So, why leave everything open for everyone? VLANS give you the ability to assign permissions to your network users. Each person has their own login to view the necessary compartments of information they need to complete their job. No more open access for all to see. The best part, most businesses already have this capability as it is included with many routers.

Don’t miss a backup!

This may be the most important piece of information in this entire article. While many people think network security is all about not letting everyone in, it is also about recovering when something goes wrong. Regular off-site backups are essential for a speedy recovery.

Some solutions to consider include:

Can your business survive with only 70% of it’s data?

What about 20%? Things like cyber attacks, natural disasters or even theft can demolish your business. Keeping your network secure not only means from the inside out, but also from the outside in.

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