This Week’s Five: The ITSM You Didn’t Know About!

This Week’s Five is a weekly column of five interesting reads from all over the web, with a different topic each week.This week, we’ll explore the developments in the ITSM industry.

IT Service Management (ITSM) is arguably the lifeline of an enterprise. The service desk software, an ITSM tool, makes the work of an end user a cakewalk; just raise a ticket and rest assured that your problem will be fixed. But, how do you know that the help desk tools today are well-equipped and don’t lack any critical features? Are they developed based on user experience? How can IT be socialized? Read on to find…

Cure Your Service Desk with Customer Experience – We need to start assessing IT’s value from a people-centric perspective and a good place to start is with the IT Service Desk as this is the main ‘window of value’ between the IT organization and the people it serves.

Meet the Needs of the Social Customer – The  social tools are a huge part of our everyday lives – changing how we consume news, interact with friends and carry out a variety of other daily tasks – companies simply cannot afford to ignore them. The IT of an enterprise should be customized according to the needs of its social customers.

Quick Guide to Knowledge Management Tool Selection – In this article, Barclay Rae provides an independent guide to Knowledge Management and in particular Knowledge Management tool selection.

How Customer Feedback Will Transform ITSM – Feedback is a huge part of a consumer’s experience. There is no reason to believe it won’t be one of the major factors in consumerization of corporate IT.

The Service Desk Shuffle: Collaboration Trumps Hot Potatoes – If a first level support rep doesn’t have the skills to handle an issue, try the current ‘hot potato’ approach which leads to responsibility being constantly shifted between teams or individuals, dragging out resolution times.

Well then, it looks like ITSM is indeed equipped with features that fulfill just about every need of the end user. But these features must be regularly updated so that their charm isn’t lost. The software must change with the times to accommodate newer requirements and developments, and also be ITIL-ready.

So, this weekend, sit back and think about the capabilities of your help desk.

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