Cisco Performance Monitoring using NetFlow Analyzer.

Cisco Performance Monitor helps you to identify performance issues on the network, Now a days Video is every where and when it comes to corporate network, it has to be treated in such a way that it is with high quality as expected.

An organization considering implementation of Video conferencing or any video streaming should also consider that this will increase significant load on the network. The network should be capable enough to handle this additional load along with existing load.

NetFlow Analyzer with its value added features like Cisco IP SLA VO and Cisco Medianet and Mediatrace helps to implement video traffic on the network effectively.

Network Load Testing using Cisco IP SLA VO :-

Video packets (RTP) significantly impact network performance owing to their heavy nature and high flow rates. So before deploying video traffic on the network, the network should be assessed for performance as to how much will it impact the network.

IP SLA Video Operation (VO) is a new type of IP SLA technology, that generates video traffic with the same traffic characteristics as a real video and measures the performance of link carrying this kind of video traffic.

IP SLA VO is similar to other IP SLA technology. It has a sender (source) to generate synthetic traffic, and a responder (destination) to absorb and analyze these packets.

IP SLA VO has following advantages:

  • We can analyze the network health before deploying Video Application
  • Troubleshooting performance of application end to end and per hop.
  • Understanding Video traffic pattern on the network and helps to capacity planning.

Configuring Cisco IP SLA VO Monitor using NetFlow Analyzer:-

To know how to configure Cisco IP SLA VO monitor using NetFlow Analyzer click here. After configuring Video monitor using IP SLA in NetFlow Analyzer, the reports can be generated as given below:

Cisco Performance Monitoring:-

After verifying using Cisco IP SLA VO that current network is good enough to handle Video traffic, the next step after implementation is verifying that the this video traffic is actually performing good, this can be done using following Cisco Technology:

  • Cisco Medianet
  • Cisco Mediatrace

Cisco Medianet:

Cisco Medianet monitoring allows the administrator to analyze the performance of the RTP traffic in the network. The traditional ping, Interface Traffic Analytics and Cisco IP SLA will not help much in analyzing the performance of video or voice traffic, because all the calls are voice calls and all the streaming is video, it is not possible to discriminate which session you want to monitor for performance standard.

Click here to know how to configure Cisco Medianet and for reports that NetFlow Analyzer offer click here.

Cisco Mediatrace:

Cisco Mediatrace allows administrator to analyze the performance of media specific traffic on each hop level, Click here to know more about Cisco Mediatrace and how to configure this in NetFlow Analyzer.

Live video traffic performance monitoring details can be accessed here.

NetFlow Analyzer with all these performance monitoring features and with user friendly reports helps network administrator to achieve high performance and efficient network.

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