No its not a bloody free load balancer and never will be.

Last week we exhibited at Cloud Expo Europe, promoting the release of the new cloud products: ENTERPRISE AWS + ENTERPRISE AZURE. We love trade shows, it provides... Read more »

Simple Denial of Service DOS attack mitigation using HAProxy

Denial of Service (DOS) attacks can be especially effective against certain types of web application. If the application is highly dynamic or database intensive it... Read more »

Meet the Loadbalancer.org team at Cloud Expo Europe

We’re exhibiting at Cloud Expo Europe, 11-12 March 2015 at London Excel. Stand 202. Why not take the opportunity to meet the Loadbalancer.org team... Read more »

Black Friday black out protection with HAProxy

The media industry had lots of fun at the expense of e-commerce outlets on Black Friday mercilessly reporting on site crashes and outages . My wife yelled... Read more »

STunnel Cipher List and Qualys SSL Labs Testing

In the wake of all the recent vulnerabilities we have been working hard to make sure that we give the correct information to our customers.... Read more »

XML Converter for Version 6.21 loadbalancer.org appliance

I was tasked last week with creating a long awaited appliance XML updater for Version 6.21 of our appliance which until now has been... Read more »