Are you wasting money on this common cybersecurity investment?
A wasted investment is the last thing any organization needs, yet the cost of a cybersecurity solution doesn’t necessarily equate to value. Consider Security Information and Event Management, or SIEM tools for example. Dark Reading points out that the tool itself is not the key factor in the effectiveness – it must be properly configured… (0 comment)

Could you have the same vulnerability that led to the Equifax breach?
Regardless of the size of your organization, it’s very likely that you could. Vulnerabilities including the bug reportedly responsible for Equifax’s data breach are still common elements of open-source systems used by developers for creation of business applications and web portals. While this saves time and money on the development side, unless they perform regular… (0 comment)

Canada has a new cybersecurity strategy – does it impact you?
Do you do business with companies in Canada? A recent government survey showed that although 94% of Canadian business collect personal data from their customers, they still have a long way to go to in protecting it, with three quarters of the business executives and owners having never reviewed their responsibilities and one third not… (0 comment)

How do you end up with a $4.3M HIPAA fine?
A Judge ruled in favor of the Office of Civil Rights and upheld a fine of $4,348,000 against MD Anderson, a cancer treatment and research center in Texas. This was the 4th largest fine in history for HIPAA violations. What led to this judgement, and what can we learn from it? Lesson #1 – Repeat… (0 comment)